COPIA Health provides individual coaching, trainings, and programs that promote well-being, social equality, and environmental sustainability.


We teach integrative, mindful, and sustainable lifestyle practices.  



Human Flourishing

Human Flourishing is the state of optimal well-being and expression of human potential that arises from consistent practices in integrative health and mindfulness and cultivates enduring happiness, contentment, and ease; regardless of the physical state of the body.

Social Vitality

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Social vitality is based in mindful communication, multiple perspectives, equality in the distribution of resources, and healthy collective lifestyle practices. Meaningful and authentic relationships and communication help to create systems, structures, networks, and communities that are connected and purposeful.

Environmental Renewal

 The health and sustainability of our environment is radically influenced by healthy communities and healthy individuals. Learning from the wisdom of nature and raising awareness through investigating the life cycle (origin, production, processing, packaging and distribution, preparation, and disposal) of  foods and products promote conscious consumption and connection to the land.