Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching is designed to offer you knowledge and support to promote balanced living. Taking personal responsibility for your own health and happiness can be empowering and enlightening. You will be supported in a process of self-inquiry to tap into your personal strengths and use them to adopt and sustain lifestyle improvements. This will help bring awareness to areas of your life that may not be serving you.

With mindfulness and deep listening, you will be guided in creating goals to support increased energy, sense of connection, confidence, empowerment, and well-being in your life. This will be explored through a variety of activities, such as: guided meditation, food journals, life-balance worksheets, personalized yoga sequences, and self-inquiry practices. Together, we discover what you want and how you can get there, considering all aspects of your well-being – physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and environmental.  


  • Integrative self-care practices

  • Nutrition, nourishment, digestive issues, and body image

  • Individualized yoga and movement practices

  • Integrative health approaches to chronic health conditions. 

  • Meditation and mindfulness

  • Compassionate and effective communication

  • Reducing stress and harmful behaviors

  • Aligning with life purpose


Our integrative approach means that we blend modern knowledge and traditional wisdom. We will explore the root cause of your health challenges and address them from a holistic perspective. Our approach empowers you to establish natural, preventative and self-directed health behaviors in your life.


We are happy to answer any questions you have about wellness and lifestyle coaching. GIve us a call at 415-326-3184 or schedule a complimentary 20 minute introductory consultation online:

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What Clients Are Saying

Working with Megan has been life changing. If I were to try to highlight all the mind blowing things she said, I’d need to shop around for a publisher because I’d be writing novels. Megan taught me tools to deal with life’s many ups and downs so this investment keeps on giving in the long run.
— Alina K.
The practice of coaching is so balancing and, in a word, sacred to me. Megan’s groundedness, coupled with warm energy, gives the practice such depth. She listens to where I am today, and we then create a strategy for moving towards the person and life I want. We have established and strengthened a meditative practice, worked with breathing, intimacy, and daily and monthly routines concerning sleep, exercise, nutrition, work, play — every facet of my life has benefited.
— Jess A.
I am astounded by Megan’s breadth of her knowledge in nutrition, psychology, communication, yoga, meditation and many other areas I am sure I am forgetting. She is also incredibly accommodating to the schedule of a first time parent. She has been an incredible resource for me in my path towards physical, mental and spiritual well being. I have the highest recommendation for her. Fantastic!
— Stephanie O.
Professionally, Megan is a visionary leader, is detail oriented, educated... and wise beyond her years. Her coaching and work in the community are awe inspiring, but more than anything I’ve been impressed with her heart. Megan is loving, empathic, curious and so passionate about her profession and her healing arts. If you’re looking for true holistic health and counsel, check her out.
— Brendan N.


Complimentary Introductory Consultation

Learn about integrative health and wellness coaching and find out whether it is right for you!


5-Session Package 

The 5-Session package is designed to support clients in creating lifestyle practices that bring balance to the most important aspects of wellness.  Clients will define their wellness goals, create a self-care plan, establish a mindfulness practice, and identify the limitations and opportunities in implementing their goals.


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Initial Intake Session

In your initial consultation, we will take a personalized and integrative approach to explore your health history, better understand your unique story, discuss your health goals, and set the foundation for our work together.

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Monthly Program 

This ongoing program is designed for clients who are dedicated to making long-lasting lifestyle changes and recognize the benefit of on-going support and accountability. Research has shown that new behaviors become life-time practices after about 6 months. Clients will continue to dive deeper into each wellness area, creating long-term behavioral change and self-awareness.

Weekly or bi-weekly, 60 min each, 3 month commitment: 

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