Megan has demonstrated a commitment to being of service in numerous ways and embodies the principles of integral education — engaged learning, applied activism, rigorous scholarship, and attention to holistic self-care.
— Meg Jordan, PhD
I have known Megan for many years as both a leader and wellness practitioner. Megan helped to found our Wellness Collective, where she supports the group with her expertise in wellness, nutrition, and mindfulness. As a wellness practitioner and yoga teacher, Megan meets her clients where they are and takes an integrative approach to supporting each person in their wellness. I have personally benefited from Megan’s guidance and am grateful to have found a true leader in the industry of integrative health.
— Jenny C.
Professionally, Megan is a visionary leader, is detail oriented, educated... and wise beyond her years. Her coaching and work in the community are awe inspiring, but more than anything I’ve been impressed with her heart. Megan is loving, empathic, curious and so passionate about her profession and her healing arts. If you’re looking for true holistic health and counsel, check her out.
— Brendan N.

What Clients are Saying

Working with Megan has been life changing. If I were to try to highlight all the mind blowing things she said, I’d need to shop around for a publisher because I’d be writing novels. Megan taught me tools to deal with life’s many ups and downs so this investment keeps on giving in the long run.
— Alina K.
Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 4.22.07 PM.png
The practice of coaching is so balancing and, in a word, sacred to me. Megan’s groundedness, coupled with warm energy, gives the practice such depth. She listens to where I am today, and we then create a strategy for moving towards the person and life I want. We have established and strengthened a meditative practice, worked with breathing, intimacy, and daily and monthly routines concerning sleep, exercise, nutrition, work, play — every facet of my life has benefited
— Jess A.
I am astounded by Megan’s breadth of her knowledge in nutrition, psychology, communication, yoga, meditation and many other areas I am sure I am forgetting. She is also incredibly accommodating to the schedule of a first time parent. She has been an incredible resource for me in my path towards physical, mental and spiritual well being. I have the highest recommendation for her. Fantastic!
— Stephanie O.

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