Initial Intake Session

$150 / session

Initial Intake Sessions are for all first time clients. We will review your health history, wellness goals, personal background, and create an overall map of your health, wellness, and lifestyle. 


Single Session

$150 / session

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Integrative health, wellness, and lifestyle coaching covers comprehensive topics that impact your optimal thriving. Sessions can be tailored to address specific imbalances or goals. 


5 Session Package

$145 / session

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The five session package is for clients who are exploring regular sessions or who have specific health and wellness areas they would like to target for creating a lifestyle of wellness. 


Monthly Membership

$135 / session

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Ongoing sessions are for clients interested in making behavior change for long-term and optimal wellbeing. Sessions will address the root cause of imbalance. Clients will engage in inquiry, activities, behavior change, and integrative approaches to health. 3 month minimum. 


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