Don’t Quit Your Day Dream: A Guest Blog on Cultivated Wellbeing

A Deep Yearning

This article was written by Megan Lipsett as a guest blog on Toni Sicola's website - Cultivated Wellbeing, a a health a wellness website that is dedicated to "sowing the seeds for a sweet, rich life". 

Let me start by asking you a question that you likely avoid sitting with, but hold in some layer of your consciousness all the time: What is the deepest yearning you have in your life, but can’t quite find a way to actualize? Each one of us has a unique and important purpose on this planet – and each of us goes through a kind of deep initiation to learn to overcome the challenges that can sometimes pulverize us along the way.

In a world that is shaped by extrinsic rewards, addiction to technology, and disconnection from our deepest selves – how do we begin to reclaim true happiness? This is a question resonating from the hearts and minds of many of us today. We desire exhilaration and purpose. We long for freedom and connection. Navigating a complex world, we can sometimes find ourselves stuck, disempowered, and overwhelmed. We may be tempted in these moments to get lost in a world of “shoulds,” we may follow a trail of social media that starts with comparison and ends with self-doubt.

But what if I told you that the first place to begin — if you truly want to create optimal health, sustained contentment, and a meaningful impact on the world — is right in your own wise and loving heart?  True: self-reflection doesn’t pay the bills.  There is a need for dedication, organization, and practical behaviors that bring us income. AND, when we begin to infuse our everyday lives with a deep remembrance of the preciousness of life and a deep knowing of our unquestionable value, everything begins to change. Read more...