Are you struggling to expand your reach?

Are you ready to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, rise up, and activate your vision in the world?

Are you ready to turn your purpose and passion into a paycheck?

The COPIA Health Mentoring & Leadership Development Program is a 6-month in-depth training series for: Health and Wellness Practitioners, Coaches, Inspired Entrepreneurs, Educators, Leaders, and Social Change Activists. Targeted for Health and Wellness Practitioners, sessions will blend purpose-based and embodied wisdom with practical tools for building a successful practice. We will balance "being" (values, presence, self-inquiry) and "doing" (skill-building, tools, learning materials, and practical application). The program includes an aspect of leadership development for practitioners, community leaders and social change activists within the health and wellness field. This program is perfect for people who are self-directed and committed to self-awareness in their work to bring health and well-being to people, communities, and the environment. 

Participants will develop sustainable programs, build increased leadership capacity, and generate social impact. 

Be wildly devoted to someone or something. Cherish every perception. Forget about control. Allow change.
This ache in your heart is holy. Accept it as the rise of intimacy with life’s secret ways.
— Radiance Sutras

Are you ready to activate your life and work?

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Inspired Entrepreneurship Workbook:

A Guide to Business and Lifestyle Design for Leaders in Wellness, Social Change, and Sustainability


  • Over 75 pages of the knowledge and skills you need for: Foundation, Identity, Programs & Strategy, Effectiveness & Organization, Potent Leadership, and Social Change.
  • Discussion and insight to guide you through the process of building a meaningful, sustainable and potent business and life
  • Activities, worksheets, and tools to give you insight and refine your purpose and practice. 
  • Access to our Leader Resources Page with content to inspire, build-knowledge, and grow your impact and sustainability.  

More about the content

Group Mentoring & Leadership Topics

Group mentoring and leadership calls will present content that guides you through becoming a potent and successful coach, teacher, or other health professional. Group calls also form a community of practice, building powerful relationships and co-creating professional opportunities. Topics include:


Set attainable personal and professional commitments to activate your potential. 

Website, & web presence, business cards, filing your business, pricing structures, and creating intake forms.


Create freedom in your schedule, location, and finances.

Learning to balance "being" & "doing", powerful communication, asking for what you need, and collaboration.


Position yourself as a Leader and attract clients you love.

Being a potent leader / coach, collaboration, community, professional boundaries with friends / clients, and addressing challenges in leadership / coaching (e.g. navigating emotional distress of clients).



Clearly, concisely and confidently articulate your message.

Defining your brand, specializing / differentiation, creating your elevator pitch, key words and imagery, and defining your market.


Use technology and social media to save you time and gain clients.

Client tracking, CRMs, task management, payments, scheduling, time / energy management, and office space.


Staying committed to personal well-being and making your work your spiritual practice.

Self-care practices for care providers, personal sustainability, preventing (and dealing with) burnout, and relationship to money.




Define your optimal client, expand your reach,  and build loyalty. Shifting your mindset around success and money.

Social media, networking events, and direct marketing.                                                                    


Determine your theory of change to address root causes and needs in your community.

Developing content, building a program, creating an arc of experience and activities, potent facilitation, and defining your “ethos”.


Clarify your deepest motivation for service and building initiatives for social change in health and well-being.

Being a part of a movement, community action, accelerating impact, and creating personal, social, and environmental context in your work.


Personal Development Sessions

Personal development sessions guide you in implementing the practices and strategies to activating your unique offering in the world. Acknowledge challenges and barriers to your success and develop personal and professional plans to overcome them! Receive feedback and insight about your skills, shadows, needs, and best practices.

Consultation & Visioning Sessions

Visioning sessions are a deep-dive into your offering; guiding you (and your team) through a process to distinguish your work in the world, define roles with collaborators, identify your purpose, and balance passion with practical action steps. Quarterly sessions are recommended, to support ongoing: visioning, clarifying, healthy collaboration and strategic planning. Engage in revolutionary and heart-centered strategic planning.  Sessions are in-person in Berkeley, CA.


Retreats are a chance for the community to come together face-to-face, bond, share resources, and deeply connect with one another.   Megan will facilitate the experience - each retreat will include: visioning, play, connection, nature, strategy, clean & healthy food, meditation, and movement! The details will be determined by the group, but the intention will be to have in-the-city retreats regularly (every 3 months-ish) and out-of-the-city retreats semi-regularly (twice per year-ish). Cost for the retreats will be kept low and is not included in the packages.  

...and More!

Peer-to-peer calls, expert video lecture series, access to referral networks, and resources will increase your impact and root you into a community of support.

Preview some of the course materials:



Workbook section 1 (preview)

Workbook section 1 (preview)






<-- Watch a video of Megan describing the program




Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Instead, ask yourself what makes you come alive - and then go and do that. because what the world needs is more people who have come alive!
— Howard Thurman

RISE UP & MANIFEST: Mentoring & Leadership Program

Monthly Group | 1-on-1 Personal Development Sessions | Business Development Toolkit | Community of Practice

The next four-month program begins Jan 2017. Now accepting applications.   

  • Monthly mentoring and leadership group (75 min each, in-person Berkeley / San Francisco)
  • Monthly personal development sessions (45 min, in-person or skype)
  • Monthly Peer-to-peer calls
  • Lifework practices and workbook for mindful and effective coaching, facilitation and leadership. 
  • Access to social entrepreneur and wellness facilitator business development toolkit. 
  • Access to tailored resources, expert videos + referral network. 
  • Access to Megan via email or phone in between sessions
  • Optional: In-person consultation + visioning session for you and your team (2.5 hours per 6 month cycle)

Click here for pricing and registration


Schedule a complimentary 20 min initial interview to express interest & learn more!

Emerge: Personalized Mentoring and Leadership Development

Customized Program | 1-on-1 Personal Development Sessions | Business Development Tookit | In-depth Consultation

Accepting applications. 

  • Personal development sessions (60 min in person or via skype)
  • In-person consultation + visioning session for you and your team (2.5 hour)
  • Lifework practices and workbook for mindful and effective coaching, facilitation and leadership. 
  • Access to social entrepreneur and wellness facilitator business development toolkit. 
  • Access to tailored resources, expert videos + referral network. 
  • Access to Megan via email or phone in between sessions

Click here for pricing and registration

Schedule a complimentary 20 min initial interview to express interest & learn more!


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Megan Lipsett is an Integrative Health and Wellness Educator and founder of COPIA Health, a company that provides integrative, mindful, and sustainable education to  practitioners, health care providers, and individuals. Megan has experience as the Program Director of Project Springboard, a mindful leadership development program for social change entrepreneurs in the yoga and mindfulness field. Megan is a counselor and head of the department of presence for Camp Grounded, a device-free, playful, summer camp for adults. Megan is adjunct faculty for the Integrative Health Studies MA program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Megan has nearly a decade of experience as a yoga instructor, integrative health and wellness educator, and workshop facilitator.